Reports and abstracts

  • Abstracts must be submitted in English or Russian language.
  • It is necessary to be registered to submit abstracts for the publication in the sourcebook of the Congress.
  • Abstracts should be formalized in accordance with the requirements and submit to the submission form by 15 January 2012.
  • The cost of publication of an abstract, 400 rubles. (≈ 10 €).
  • It is necessary to pay the publication by 30 January 2012.

Preparation of the abstracts

1. The material in the abstract must be original and not published previously.

2. In the structure of the abstract should reflect the purpose and objectives of the work, materials and methods, results and conclusions. Literature or any other rewies will not be accepted to print.

3. All abbreviations, except for units of measurement may be used only after reference to the full term.

4. The text should not contain tables, graphs, figures.

5. The total number of text characters (not including heading) should not exceed 3000 characters, including spaces.

6. Use generic names and active names of medicine. Commercial drug names may not be used.

Speaking performance

When sending abstracts is possible to declare your work to the oral report. All applications will be considered by Congress organizing committee. The authors of the selected works will be notified personally. Performance with the report doesn't require any additional payment.